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Where the Grasslands of Africa meet The Hills of Georgia

The Experience of A Lifetime

Welcome to Georgia Safari Conservation Park, where the beauty of nature, amazing animal encounters, and luxurious lodging create an incredible safari adventure. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the wild and embark on a journey that brings you closer to exotic wildlife and illustrates the vital message of preserving our natural world.

Plan Your Stay

For those wanting an unforgettable overnight adventure, we invite you to book a stay with us in one of our luxurious accommodations. You can choose between two distinct lodging experiences, a private suite inside our state-of-the-art giraffe & rhino barn or an escape to Africa in a fully furnished, private safari tent, carefully designed with African charm, modern amenities, and extraordinary views of our animals.

Safari Tents

Escape to Africa in one of our luxurious safari tents nestled amidst the wild beauty of the park. These two-bedroom tents accommodate up to four guests and offer a seamless blend of African charm, modern comforts and exquisite views.

Honeymoon Hideaway

Welcome to the epitome of romance and luxury—a private honeymoon safari tent designed to transport you to a world of enchantment and serenity. An unparalleled experience for couples seeking an intimate and unforgettable getaway.

Giraffe Suite

Step into a world of unparalleled exclusivity in our private, one-bedroom suite nestled within our beautiful giraffe barn. Your private suite is a sanctuary of refined elegance, carefully designed to provide both comfort and a front-row seat to our giraffe.

Plan Your Adventure

Our fun and knowledgeable guides will lead you on an incredible animal adventure that mimics a true African game drive as we bring Africa to rural Georgia, including over 530 acres teeming with iconic African species. You will witness the majesty of wild, exotic animals, get up close to our giraffe and rhinos, and get to know our ambassador animals as you learn about the animal diversity that dwells in the wild.

Note: All images are representative samples. Actual activities may differ in appearance.

Guided Safari Tour

Boarding one of our custom safari vehicles, guests will take an immersive and interpretive guided tour of an expansive wildlife savanna comprised of the open plains and forests in a 530-acre park.

Safari Wild Encounters

Join us with friends, let us host a corporate retreat for you, or plan your next group event at the Georgia Safari Conservation Park. Whatever the needs of your group, you are sure to enjoy a memorable experience with us.

Private VIP Tour

Enjoy a private tour with your own guide as you explore an expansive wildlife savanna comprised of the open plains and forests in a 530-acre park.

The Wild Is Better Up Close

"The Wild Is Better Up Close" is more than just an exciting tagline—it's a unique opportunity to foster a deeper connection with the natural world. Our animal encounters will offer a unique opportunity to witness the beauty, grace, and strength of these incredible creatures firsthand. By seeing these animals up close, we become inspired to protect their habitats, advocate for their well-being, and raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Go Wild With Us

Images are representative.

Commitment To Conservation

At Georgia Safari Conservation Park, we are building a regional zoological culture dedicated to conserving threatened and endangered wildlife. We believe in the power of knowledge and strive to inspire our guests to become ambassadors for conservation. Through our interpretive programs, guided tours, and interactive experiences, we aim to foster a greater appreciation, understanding, and connection to the natural world. We strive to be leaders in sustainable tourism practices, implementing environmentally friendly measures throughout our operations. From renewable energy sources to waste management and water conservation initiatives, we are dedicated to minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting responsible tourism.

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